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In the decade since The Upset Victory first emerged from Cincinnati, their uptempo, high energy brand of alt pop has resonated with a faithful following. Now seven albums into their career, the quintet show no signs of slowing down... "Don't Give Up the Night" has a spunky, dance punk vibe that recalls some of the strong characteristics of Panic! At the Disco, yet retains their unique flair and remains faithful to the sound they've carved out over the years. It's a reenergized and triumphant return for the band. 

“The song is an anthem for anyone who has ever been criticized on their journey to happiness; a reminder to never give up hope and keep your chin up high in the face of scrutiny or rejection”, says vocalist Jason Dill of the track.

“Don’t Give Up The Night” is the first single from The Upset Victory's new LP, which is due out later this year.


Lead Vocals // Jason Dill

Guitar, Vocals // Frank Hammonds

Guitar // Stephen Campbell

Bass // Eric Vice

Drums // Aaron Roy


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Don't Give Up The Night

by The Upset Victory

"Don't Give Up The Night" the NEW single from The Upset Victory's upcoming full-length album!

Available NOW worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store, Spotify, & more.

iTunes: smarturl.it/r7stt9

Spotify: http://sptfy.com/Uay

Shazam: http://bit.ly/1q4zR4w

Lyric Video: youtu.be/nRP4zdb570c